This Moneymaking Method Has Recently Exploded In Popularity


With many people’s lives put on hold during the global pandemic, day trading is quickly becoming one of the most searched terms online. Good information about how to get started and how to find success is out there but a lot of myths and misinformation persist.

In this article we’ll take a look at some of the most persistent myths, get to the bottom of what it takes to get started and find success trading, and take a look at some resources that make getting started easier than ever before.

Trading Offers Freedom

Some veteran traders remember a time when it was tough to get started making money day trading. Now, their memories of expensive commissions, finicky software, and fighting tooth and nail for each penny are long in the past.

Day trading has been experiencing a surge in popularity due to its low barriers to entry and the unparalleled freedom it can potentially offer. As anyone who trades will tell you, all you need is a reliable internet connection and you can trade right from your laptop.

The concept of achieving freedom through trading is a powerful one and it is one of the reasons so many people have decided to try their hand at making money in the markets. In this regard, trading is unlike any other career. Trading can provide:

  • Freedom to Travel – All it takes is an internet connection and you can be a successful trader from anywhere in the world.
  • Freedom to Call The Shots – Trading provides a level of freedom you simply won’t find anywhere else. You are in full control of where and when you trade.
  • Freedom of Time – Want to take a day off? No problem. Trading provides you with flexibility to live life on your own schedule.

Day Trading And Risk

One of the most prevalent misconceptions that people have about trading is that it is so risky that it is essentially gambling. It is true that all market exposure contains risk and trading without first taking the time to learn the ropes can result in costly mistakes.

What’s important to remember is that successful traders make trades with purpose. They develop a strategy, learn from trades that don’t make a profit, and they are always improving their strategy as market conditions change.

In his new book Day Trading QuickStart Guide, author, trading mentor, and veteran day trader Troy Noonan breaks down exactly what it takes to build a strategy that makes sense for your own financial goals, as well as how to take a holistic and risk-adverse approach to making money in the markets.

Readers of Day Trading QuickStart Guide will note two common themes. The first is that the psychology and methodology of day trading comes first. With a strategic approach, a solid foundational understanding of how the markets work, and the right mindset, anyone can start seeing day trading success with less money than many people might think.

The second theme is that losses aren’t the things that sink traders. It’s the fear of losses. Somewhat paradoxically it is the traders that throw caution to the wind chasing gains, trading out of fear, and abandoning the strategies that they have been relying on that find themselves underwater.

Who Is Troy Noonan?

Troy Noonan is an author, full-time professional day trader, trade system developer, and trading coach with decades of experience in the study of markets and their behavior. The original Backpack Trader, Noonan cut his teeth executing trades in internet cafes while backpacking through Europe and traveling in South America in the late nineties.

Using the freedom that trading provides, he continues to travel the globe and execute trades from the road.

As a teacher and mentor, Noonan has helped thousands of students in more than one hundred countries take the plunge and find day trading success on their own terms. He has single-handedly developed and refined numerous effective trading strategies, including the wildly popular Counter-Punch Trader and Spotlight Master Suite methods, to name a couple of his most recent.

His signature strategies are simple, accessible, and highly effective for new and veteran traders alike. The durable and robust nature of Noonan’s creations has been tested and proven time and time again—they are just as effective today as the day they were released.

What is Day Trading QuickStart Guide About?

Troy’s newest book is about learning to day trade. Troy’s easy to read style and simplified look at the concepts that new traders need to know (along with the mistakes they should avoid) mean that day trading—and the freedom it provides—is accessible like never before.

The book is clearly a labor of love. Troy is a natural teacher and has a passion for sharing his knowledge. This fascination shines through in the work and makes reading and learning with the benefit of the book a breeze.

The book also comes with some handy tools to help you put Troy’s strategies to work right away and even $1,000 in commission credit for use on the platform TradeStation. With all of these pieces put into place, it’s clear that not only does Troy believe that anyone who picks up his book can succeed with a little work and patience, but that he is willing to pull back the curtain of his own trading success to help others take control of their own financial futures.

Sprinkled with some of Troy’s personal accounts, the book is an informative and actionable read at a time when more people need market guidance than ever before.


Published by ClydeBank Media, Troy Noonan’s Day Trading QuickStart Guide is an invaluable resource for anyone who is looking to get started trading the markets. With Troy’s patient and concise writing style as their guide, truly anyone can learn to day trade as a hobby, as a side hustle, or as a replacement for their employment. As Troy is fond of saying, trading is an excellent way to make a full time income on part time effort!

You can pick up a copy of Day Trading QuickStart Guide on Amazon.


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