This Smart Home Starts At $52,000 and Comes With Complete AI Tech



Nestron’s smart home could be the answer to affordable housing. (Image: Westron House)

Singapore-based Nestron has launched a new smart tiny home called Cube 2 for $52,000 and above that can comfortably house four people. The house requires zero-construction and comes with inbuilt- furniture. It can be shipped anywhere, you just need to plug into the nearest utilities and you are ready to go.

It is designed with an open concept plan and has a big living area with a skylight to start gaze. Its open concept gives it 15 percent more space. It accommodates two bedrooms and is a comfortable dwelling for a mid-sized family.

The total area is about 27 square meters or 263 square feet, and it has a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and a bar counter. The bedroom comes with built-in racks, a wardrobe, and a bar counter. There is a kitchen range, dining table, sofa, and the bathroom has a counter, towel rod, and a shower.

It is insulated against heat and cold and is earthquake-proof. Its insulation keeps storms and sounds out too. The floors are waterproof, the exterior walls are fluorocarbon painted that are weatherproof. The house comes with big French windows to let the sunlight in and has good-tempered glasses. The whole structure is steel-encased. The design, on the whole, has a very alien spaceship look. The house can withstand earthquakes of level 9 intensity and typhoons of level 12.


This smart, wagon-sized house can comfortably house 4 people. (Image: Westron House)

Following the tiny homes norms of eco-friendly sustainable structures, the Cube 2 home is made from 90 percent recyclable material. It has zero-emission and comes with solar panels preinstalled. It is a tiny integrated smart home with all appliances that are housed inside interconnected. The AI assistant is monitored by Canny. The house is fully equipped with home appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, TV, AC, stove, and even water heaters to meet your daily needs. Lightings and plumbing are entirely functional. All these are smartly enabled so you can control the functioning. If you want it shipped to the US, you need to shell out an extra $8000.

Tiny homes are touted as the answer to the housing crisis that most densely populated cities face. Affordability is another factor. For some who are passionate about living simply and minimally, tiny houses are the perfect answer. Their usability is varied. They can be an affordable option for single mothers finding it tough to find viable economical options, grandma’s pads in the backyard, an Airbnb house, or a small shop.

Tiny home size can be anywhere between 100 square feet to 500 square feet and is portable. The cost of an average size of 2400 square foot home can be anywhere from $300,000 upwards. Even at the high end of the tiny home market, which ranges from $10,000 DIY jobs to decked-out $100,000 models, the savings are substantial.

These are viable options for urban housing woes. They save a lot in mortgages, have little or no carbon footprints, and are sustainable and viable. In fact, tiny home advocacy groups are looking to develop sustainable building regulations, and encourage municipalities to adopt creative zoning and ordinance policies for tiny homes.

Construction consultant Chris Galusha and president of the American Tiny House Association, says that the overwhelming reason for the increased interest is cost.“I don’t get emails from people saying they want to save the planet,” he says. “They say they’re tired of [renting], and it’s all they can afford. I live on the western edge of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and there isn’t a home for sale in my area under $250,000. When a living wage is considered $12.50 an hour, you’ll never buy a home. You’ll be renting forever.”


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