TikTok Big Guns: All About TikTok Influencers In 2021


How familiar are you with the digital marketing world? Regardless of the answer to this question, one thing people usually don’t acknowledge about social media is, the craft of creating valuable content has never been about reinventing the wheel, but using sustainable sources, current trends and giving them a unique adaptation. TikTok works no differently from this principle, either.

TikTok is a video-centered app. It constitutes a lively hub of entertainment in almost any type and genre, from lip-syncing videos to dancing videos that’ll make everyone move their bodies to the beat or videos that will make us laugh after an exhausting day at work. This is just a glance at TikTok’s varied content-world and inspiring sphere and a straightforward explanation of why so many people have fallen for the app.

TikTok’s New Role

Being a pivotal entertainment platform was probably TikTok’s purpose in the first place, but COVID19 and the changing shopping habits that gradually set the tone have also made this app a key player in the digital marketing field. The plethora of businesses worldwide are eager to have a piece of the TikTok cake, hoping they could bring their companies to new peaks of TikTok likes and TikTok followers this way.

Unfortunately, booming on TikTok isn’t easy for regular and business users alike. It requires time, effort, and extensive research before uploading new videos to find which type of content your audience looks for and prefers to watch the most. Without these, along with you coming truly hungry for making high-end videos with the potential to bring in many views and likes, you won’t last a minute in this competitive arena.

Another Way to Make Your Business Shine On TikTok

When you collaborate with an influencer, you grow your videos’ outreach significantly and get many more people to see your videos and engage with them. Today, one of the most efficient marketing strategies is promoting a brand/product using influencers’ distinctive videos and personal touch, thus surging your sales higher-up thanks to the fan-base they’ve already established. Of course, you don’t simply choose some random influencer, but go with the one whose audience is as closest as it could get to your typical customer.

How to Identify the Most Trending Accounts in My Niche?

If you’re not familiar with the strongest users in your niche, it’s not a problem at all. You can catch-up with the most famous names through conducting intricate research dissecting relevant hashtags in your niche and see whose videos appear in the first results. Once you’ve targeted any number of influencers, we recommend beginning with leaving positive comments on their videos, wait for their response, and only afterward should you move forward to sending a DM outlining your proposal.

An Alternative for The Lazy Ones

If you don’t have much time on your hands to analyze relevant hashtags and such, you can turn to influencers’ platforms such as upfluence.com or heartbeat.com and let these websites find the worthiest partner for the project you’re planning.

Author Bio: Yuval Zilberfarb, an aspiring Content Writer at SEMADEZ LLC, absorbs inspiration for his articles in the Digital Marketing field from his profound love for Pokemon, Haruki Murakmi’s novels, and Paul Banks’ musical endeavors.


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