Tips for Passing A Power BI Certification


If you are planning to get a Power BI Certification, then you’re on the correct page. You must first understand the use of a Power BI Certification before knowing how you can get one.

Microsoft’s Power BI is excellent self-service business intelligence that you can carry out yourself.

Why should you get a Microsoft BI Certification?

Microsoft BI is a technology which is high in demand and can prove to be beneficial at any point in time. A certification in Microsoft BI can give you an upper hand at interviews. Here are a few points that can make you understand why you should be getting a Microsoft Power Bi certification:

  1. Being Microsoft

While Microsoft’s Power BI is completely new software, Microsoft is renowned for building powerful software that satisfies business needs. The brand name itself creates a sense of trust and reliability in its world-class software.

  1. Data Modelling, Visualization, and Transformation

With this Power BI certification, you can generate new data models and optimize the existing models. Additionally, you can create tables and columns, use cards and gauges to evaluate the employees’ performance, manage reporting solutions, and build hierarchies in an organization.

After receiving the Microsoft certification, you can master how to gather data sources, make transformations, and clear data.

  1. Configuring Reports, Dashboards, and Apps in the Power Service

You can learn to configure a dashboard and manage security for reports, apps, and dashboards. You can get a hold of the use of app workspaces as you get your Power BI certification.

  1. Power BI has a Huge User Community

In addition to all the knowledge that you gather, you are considered a Microsoft Certified Professional and become a part of the Microsoft community. The community offers a platform for all data analysts and users working with the software to connect with peers worldwide.

Introducing Exam DA-100

In 2019, Power BI rolled out Exam DA-100. It tests your knowledge about Microsoft’s Power BI. You get a Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate qualification on passing the exam.

Power BI Certification Cost

This power BI course is affordable and saves the organization the cost of the power BI training as this is an exam in beta, and Microsoft offers an 80% off on the regular exam price. You will receive a 25% off coupon to use while taking another Microsoft exam on completing the exam.

Will a beta exam be counted towards a Microsoft qualification?

Beta exams count toward certification. If you pass, you will not have to appear in the exam once the final version is released.

To succeed in any Microsoft certification, you must understand how the solution works and put your knowledge into practice.

How to Prepare for Power BI Exam?

Let’s see some tips on how you can prepare for the Power BI exam to get Power BI certified:

  • Go through the news: You must be aware of the companies using the Power BI tool and their reviews.
  • List out the problems that Power BI can solve: Now that you are accustomed to the ways businesses use Power BI, think of how you can bridge the gaps by figuring out what other business problems can be solved while working with Power BI.
  • Scour the Power BI resources: Microsoft offers detailed videos for their SaaS that are grouped into stages of the data science process.
  • Inquire into Microsoft’s exams database: Microsoft offers sample tests for their certificates. In addition, their site holds helpful resources, such as a list of exam formats and question types, in addition to online training and guidelines.
  • Maintain a checklist: Prepare a list of functions where Power BI can be used for business operations and carry out each one on the software.
  • Practice rigorously: The best key to preparing for an exam is practice.
  • Prepare the setup for your exam day: In case you are taking the exam in your office or at home, conduct a system test before the big day to check that you are properly set up.
  • Take a course: The DA-100 prep course helps you learn everything you must know about Power BI, from running through all the basics, connecting to the data files, to performing analyses, and visualizing the data. You can check the business intelligence course to lay out a foundation before taking the exam.

Some Additional Tips to Follow

Make use of these tips, and there is a great chance that you can get the Microsoft Power BI certification.

During the Power BI Exam

  • Keep calm: Make your surrounding as relaxing as possible, whether you are taking the exam at the center or from your home.
  • Be prepared: Keep your materials handy and focus on the exam questions.

After the Exam                                               

  • Be patient: As the exam is in beta, you will not get your results before the scoring model is finalized. Wait for 2 to 3 weeks after the final version is released. Keep track of the beta exam progress on the Microsoft website and stay patient.

If you do not pass the Exam DA-100 on the first go, keep trying.

Once you get your results, learn how to improve. Unfortunately, you cannot retake beta exams. You must wait to take the full version.


The simple and affordable Power BI certification enables you to learn every skill required to operate the Power BI tool for different business processes. With your specialization in designing tables, regulating organizational hierarchies, managing reporting solutions, and cleansing data, your worth becomes a lot more than the other employees. Getting this certification will make you stand out in a crowd and fetch you respect and acknowledgment in an organizational setup.

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