Top 3 Benefits of Foamcore Printing For Your Merchandise


Are you looking for an innovative way to promote your products and services that you can reuse over and over again? If so, foamcore printing is the answer.

Foam core boards is an excellent material for ad printing and cutting. This material is lightweight and strong, and it can be neatly trimmed in any shape. Most of all, you can print any design and photo directly onto the foam core. Using a foamcore board will surely create an impact, attracting consumers to try your merchandise.

This post will cover the top benefits of foamcore printing for your merchandise.

  1. Save Money with Reusable Foamcore Visual Ads

Most vendors or merchandisers print on vinyl material and mount the poster to the foam board. However, vinyl tends to shrink over time, which causes the edges to peel up. Also, it takes more than one person to produce and mount the vinyl poster, which would entail more cost.

Foamcore printing is a better and cheap option, in which words used for ads are printed on the computer and are usually blown up and then mounted on Foamcore boards to create visual ads.

Here are the benefits of using reusable foamcore visual ads:

  • With foamcore printing, the latest printers are used to produce superior print quality foamboard posters, completely eliminating the delamination and peeling issues.
  • Words in the signage of your store window store announce the benefits and theme of your merchandise. Whether you want to relocate your business or branch out, you can always reuse foamcore ad materials. Letters that are cut out of foamcore can be painted to match your display and then mounted on a sturdy background.
  • Department stores and other physical businesses with visual ads created by foamcore printing can save money by reusing the letters and photos of foamcore board merchandise ads.
  1. Professional-looking Foamcore Posters

Posters attract bypassers and deliver your message to bring brand recognition. They create an efficient reaction because consumers are likely to notice your merchandise posters when standing in line, waiting for a bus or taxi. Also, posters are attractive and eye-catching when placed in the right place.

But, gone are the days when store advertising entails using a lot of paper for flyers and vinyl for making posters because foamcore posters are the new hit. Prints on foam boards are a cost-effective way to present your graphics, which reflect a professional appearance.

Here are the benefits of using professional-looking foamcore posters:

  • Quality Visual Ads: With foamcore boards, you can display high-quality images for your merchandise ads to attract more consumers.
  • Cost-effective: Foam board poster makers consists of a graphic designer, a copywriter, and a printer. You don’t need to hire extra people to produce your ad materials.
  • Flexible: You can upload images and print them on foamboard posters. Also, foamcore posters make a great advantage because you can place them just about anywhere.
  • Durable: Foam board visual ads withstand denting, squashing, and bending because of its dense and durable core.
  1. Connect With Your Customers

Foam board ads allow you to connect and engage with your customers because you can design and print appealing graphics, such as edited photos of famous personalities, like celebs and sports icons. In your store booth, you can ask your customers to take a paper from the foam board ad to take a survey and drop them off the box in this area.

Here are some examples of ad announcements you can print on a foamcore board:

  • Clearance sale
  • Seasonal promotions
  • New product line launch
  • Rewards program

How to Avail Foamcore Printing?

Foamcore printing services are available online. All you have to do is to find a trusted and experienced foamcore printing company.

Here’s how it works:

  • Browse Designs: Surf on the foamcore printing company’s website for the best design or product inspiration suitable for your ad next printing project.
  • Send Your Project Details: Send all the details of your ad or project to the foamcore printing agency you’ve chosen, and you’ll be contacted for expert advice.
  • Wait for the Final Output: After confirming your details, you can leave the rest to the foamcore printing agency. Just wait for a quick turnaround to receive the final output and they’ll deliver it right to your store.


Foamcore printing for your merchandise is a great option to create marketing materials, such as posters and free-standing signages. Foamboard visual ads are affordable, reusable, and high-quality. You can print any design and cut in any size of foamboard you prefer.

By having your ads on foam boards, expect more merchandise sales and traffic for your store.


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