Top 4 Services You Need to Apply For a Job


Most people don’t know where to start when they want to apply for different jobs. You may get a resume written from another person, and maybe they added some untrue things to make it look better. Instead of doing all that, or any other way, consider having a personalized touch towards it. These five services can help you get there.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office provides a wide range of packages, each with different features. It would be best if you considered getting the word processor, Microsoft Word. It can be used to create a great resume. You can select from several custom made templates, and start entering your information. Make sure to mention all your skills properly, but avoid writing too many. Your skillset should be specific to a particular position. If you are applying for several jobs, create multiple resumes with each wholly focused on a single occupation.  Include a summary about yourself, don’t make it sound too serious and try to avoid jokes.


SodaPDF is essential after completing your resume. Companies will not accept files in .doc or any format other than PDF. You can easily carry out the process by going to and selecting their converter feature. If you have many files that display your past work, consider changing all the data to PDF as well. You can even merge the PDF using this excellent tool. Furthermore, you can also make edits and sign any documents online.


Dropbox is one of the best cloud-based services for individual or personal use. You can use it to store all the resumes, experience letters, recommendation letters, certificates, your previous work, and other related files. It can be accessed from any device, which allows you to apply for jobs, or send required data, from any convenient device. It has excellent encryption features, making it completely secure for all kinds of use.

Job Hunting Applications

Now that you have everything prepared, search for jobs. It may seem like the most challenging part, but these apps mentioned below can be beneficial in finding and applying for the best jobs.


CareerBuilder offers many tools to its users that can help through every step of the way. You can look at all the skills that are required for a specific position. It seamlessly allows you to upload the resumes and other required documents directly from your Dropbox account. CareerBuilder sends alerts that tell you who viewed your resume and who is currently looking it over. It is also very beneficial, as it informs about any new openings that fit your range of interests.


Glassdoor is a very popular website, which provides users with countless job listing thousands of organizations. Its user-friendly app can also be used to look at all the available career opportunities in the category of your choice. It also has a list of reviews from former and current employees. Not only that, it shows the skills required for every job and the salary being offered. Even if you are simply looking at the average incomes of employees with a particular title, it will provide accurate numbers for every occupation.


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