Top Tips for Barbershops: Find Your Competitive Edge!


You might be thinking, “I’m just a barbershop. I don’t need to have a competitive edge.” But if you’re in the business of cutting hair, then you know that the competition is fierce and there’s no room for error. Today we’ll discuss different tactics that will help you stand out from the crowd and turn first-time customers into loyal clients!

1) Build Your Online Presence

With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and all other similar sites are offering powerful platforms to shape your company’s brand in a way that was previously only possible for big corporations with large marketing budgets; social media has quickly become an invaluable business tool.

Getting good engagement on what you post is critical for you to grow your social media presence. It’s important that people like, share and comment but ultimately you want them to take further action than just liking or commenting! You probably want them to convert them into paying customers, see you as an authority for just about all things barbering, or whatever goal you may have. Make sure you know what your barbershop wants to gain from social media before starting a page. If it’s unclear, then all those hours spent on likes and followers are nothing but wasted time without any real business results!

2) Create a Seamless Appointment System

With a barbershop online booking system, your customers will be able to schedule appointments without having to wait on the phone or come in for an appointment. This is great not only because your customers won’t have to waste time waiting around but it saves valuable staff time as well. Perhaps you could find ways of using that free time and energy in other productive things like making more awesome customer service experiences available. Boost your social media by adding an interactive appointment system through its Booking feature. This will increase your sales due to the fact that customers won’t have to go through the needle trying to get their hair done!

3) Keep up with Trends in the Industry

The best barbers know how to stay on top of their game. Ever feel like you’re just too busy to keep up with the latest trends? I know it’s especially hard when most of your clients are more conservative than adventurous but as a barber, there will always be that one customer who’ll want something new.

According to the National Barbers Association, one major trend is that women now are excited with shorter haircuts. Many inspirational women in different industries are rocking the “used-to-be” men hairstyles. Make sure to be on top of the latest haircut trends and study new techniques so you’ll know exactly what they’re talking about. Now, can you imagine the bigger scale when women step into your shop? These could open your door to a new customer base!

4) Provide a Comfortable Atmosphere and Excellent Customer Service

Going to a barbershop is a full sensory experience. From the time you walk into the door, to the way that you can smell the tonics and hear those sharp clippers or feel them touch against your scalp in anticipation of what’s next – it’s much more than just getting a haircut.

Perhaps no other kind of small business has as many people coming through their doors for one single service as this does which means creating an enjoyable end-to-end customer experience is very important. Make sure to take care of your employees, too. When employees are happy with their work, it will reflect to the customers. A good way to bring out the best in them is through positive communication, an incentive in place, and most importantly – they are protected while doing their work. You can make this happen by obtaining your company an affordable workers compensation insurance.

5) Be Open to Feedback

The barbering industry is a competitive market. Great barbers are those who never give up and always strive for improvement in all areas including talent and confidence. However, it’s not enough to be great at those things – you need to listen, too!

If customers have criticisms or feedback about your skillset then take this information on board positively as constructive criticism that can help you become even better than before. As a barbershop owner, you need to be able to motivate and inspire your team. You can do so by taking an interest in their professional development which will result in loyal employees who are happy with what they’re doing and provide great service for your clients.

6) Know How to Mitigate Risks

Barbershops are one of the last bastions for manliness, but it can all go away with a single accident. Don’t let your business run into what could be avoidable trouble by making sure you have the right business owner’s policy and insurance policy to keep you afloat. Barbers insurance is a requirement for most states. For barbers, it’s no exception to the rule. The risks that are taken on can be huge (bodily injury and poor workmanship claims). Without insurance then fines may come your way as well as income loss which could result in the end of business! Better to polish on all sides, while you are looking for ways to attract more clients, it’s another level of an entrepreneurial character to prepare for when things don’t go the way you plan them to be.

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