Understanding Drug Possession and Supply Charges


Stats show that over 3% of Sydney’s total population use prohibited substances daily. However, drug possession and supply are severe charges with severe legal consequences in Sydney. The punishments could range from imprisonment to good behaviour bonds to fines, based on the nature and severity of the case.

If you are facing drug possession and supply charges in Sydney, you must have a proper, experienced lawyer as part of your defence, if you wish to avoid criminal charges.

Reputed drug lawyers Sydney can guide you through the legal process and help you avoid conviction. You must know and understand how the law works to avoid convictions or get your charges reduced.

Types of Drugs Charges in Sydney

The police and the state can charge people using or supplying drugs for several offences. As per Section 10 (1) of the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act, drug possession is a crime. The quantity of drugs you possess and your previous records(if any) are the things that the court will consider when judging the severity of your offence.

Possession Charges

The police will convict a person with possession charges if the person stored or held drugs for personal use. Possession charges are the least severe of all drug charges in Sydney. The highest penalty for drug possession in Sydney is a fine of $2,200 or 2 years imprisonment.

Drug lawyers in Sydney can help you get a Section 10 dismissal or non-conditional order. The court can also give the person home detention orders, intensive correction orders, community service orders, or good behaviour bonds based on the severity of the charges.

Drug Use Charges

People under the influence of drugs or are caught red-handed using drugs could face drug use charges in Sydney. Anything from smoking marijuana to injecting other illicit substances can potentially result in drug use charges in Sydney.

The police will check for signs of drug use and may even insist on blood tests to determine if a person used drugs.

Drug Supply and Trafficking Charges

This is one of the most severe drug-related charges in Sydney. You can be charged with a fine of up to $5500 or even life imprisonment based on the quantity of drugs in your possession and whether you supplied it to other people.

If you possessed “trafficable, indictable and commercial quantities” of drugs, then you may face drug trafficking charges. The number of drugs considered “trafficable, indictable, commercial or large commerce quantity” will vary based on the drug type.

For example, 100 kilograms of marijuana is considered a large commerce quantity, while even 1 kg of cocaine becomes a large commerce quantity.

How a Drug Lawyer can Help

Cannabis, heroin, amphetamine, ecstasy, and LSD are prohibited substances in Sydney. Even people who hold drug equipment like tourniquets, swabs, syringes, and spoons can face charges.

The highest penalty for drug-related charges in Sydney can be as high as $11,000. An efficient drug lawyer will try to prove that you were not involved in drug possession, use, or trafficking. If that isn’t possible, your drug lawyer will at least try to bring down your charges.


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