Understanding the Funding Deductibles and who they Benefit from Currently?


Deductibles have been one of the most significant parts of the insurance contract for years long. Understanding deductibles and their role are paramount in getting the most out of your insurance policy.

What are deductibles?

A deductible is a certain amount of money that you are responsible to pay towards an insured loss. In case if a disaster strikes your car or home, a fixed amount of deductibles is a knockoff from your claim payment.

This is a way through which half of the risk is shared between your insurer, you, and the policyholder. Different states have set different laws and orders for deductibles that are implemented by people.

Why do insurance policies have deductibles?

Do you know that why insurance policies have deductibles? Let me tell you. They have their specified deductibles that help them share the cost with the policyholders whenever they make a claim.

There are many other reasons why companies use deductibles including the financial stability that helps in bringing down the intensity of claims. And the other one is the moral hazards. Deductibles can help alleviate the risk of behavioral moral hazards also.

Today a lot of insurance companies are using to make sure that the policyholders also have their skin in the game and they will share the cost of claims. Fund my Deductible is an amazing payment processing platform that can help you boost the process of deductibles with a payment collection app.

Who is taking advantage of the funding deductibles today?

With the widespread of coronavirus and many other diseases now, the health insurance companies get a bad wrap now. In this pandemic situation when people have lost their jobs, it has become difficult to pay their health expenses. So the people who have their health insurance are currently taking lots of advantage of the health insurance companies. Now you must be thinking how?

  • They can likely receive medical services at less or even no cost. By using their deductibles in a good way they can save their money and get themselves treated properly in the hospitals.
  • Another good thing is that the sufferers of a pandemic can take the advantage of their deductibles by getting virtually providing healthcare services without paying any charges.
  • The insurance companies are now offering incentives to adopt healthier lifestyle behaviors. So the one who wants to be a part of this can also use their deductibles to avail these healthcare services.

Moreover, there are a lot of people who are taking benefits from their funding deductibles. These include the patients, employers, and homeowners who have to get their insurance done at the right time just for their safe and secure future.

Patients can use their deductibles at times when they are looking for healthcare services and cannot pay their expenses. Likewise, the homeowners and employers, in case of any situation can avail their funding deductibles to meet their needs.


To help cover the out-of-pocket costs, your funding deductibles can play a significant role. Yes, the deductibles can help you claim for the cost that is difficult for you to pay. With the advancements in technology, you can now use Fund my Deductible that can help you boost your process of deductibles with a fast payment collection app.

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