Ways to Send Personalized Emails with Mail Merge in Gmail


Mail Merge for Gmail helps you send personalized messages to the mass email recipients. Now you can write only a single draft email in your Gmail, identify the list of email recipients in a Google Sheet and that is how the Mail Merge program will spontaneously send all of your customized emails to the addresses in one go only.

Mail Merge is the eminent feature of Microsoft Outlook that is specified in customizing the documents like newsletters, emails, or personalized messages.

From basic mail-merge style personalization to automatic-first-name detection, personalized images, fallback values, links, and attachments, this article is an ultimate guide to all ways of sending personalized email messages in bulk using the mail merge in Gmail. So, let’s find out how you can do this.

How you can do Mail Merge in Gmail:

Install Mail Merge for Gmail to get started. You can add the merge add-on in your Google Account but if you are a G Suite admin, you can install Mail Merge for the users in your G Suite domain. When the Add-on gets installed, follow the steps to know the further procedure.

  • Firstly, go to the Google Spreadsheet and click on the Add-ons Here you will see a new menu called the Mail Merge with Attachments.
  • Now click on the Create Merge Template menu to double the blank mail merge template in your Google Sheet.
  • Press the Import Google Contacts menu option to pick up any of the existing contact groups from your Google Contacts into the Mail Merge.
  • If you want to add on the unique attachments for your recipients, so you can add them via the File Attachment Just go to the Google-Drive, right-click a file, and select Get Link to copy the URL of the desired file and paste it to the sheet.
  • Now when you will run the Mail Merge, it will help you send all of your emails immediately. You can also schedule the emails as per your desire. To schedule them, click on the Schedule Data column and set the time according to your wish.

Know how to create a Mail Merge Template?

Just go to your Google or Gmail account, create a new message. Include one or more variable fields in the message using the (field name) which will be then substituted with their actual values from the sheet when the emails are sent.

Now if your template is ready, you can switch to the mail merge sheet and select the Run Mail Merge to start sending all of the emails. Select the Gmail draft you created and press the Run button. The add-on will automatically send the emails to the email addresses.

Ways to send personalized messages in Gmail

There are several ways to personalize your messages or subject for your Gmail. Let’s explore!

Simple personalization method:

One of the most basic methods you can use for sending a common email to your contact list is to write the First Name or the Last Name of the person you had a prior email conversation with.  Select all of your contacts one by one and personalize your email. This helps you send a collective email to all of your desired contacts in one go only.

Also, you can insert the merge-tags through two easy ways provided by a powerful Mail Merge tool. Yes, right in the setting panel, GMass provides you a dropdown menu to insert personalization variables. Moreover, you can also type a left curly bracket anywhere to get a dropdown for choosing your merge tags.

Gmail Contacts VS Google Sheets:

In case if you are connecting to a Google Sheets spreadsheet, the personalized dropdown will then bring you an option for each column heading in your spreadsheet. And if you are not connecting to the sheets, then you will get the standard Last Name, First Name, or Email Address personalization options to personalize your messages.

Fallback Value:

Suppose if your personalization variables have a value for some addresses but not for the others, so you can set a fallback value that can be used when the personalization value is blank. For example, you can write (First Name) Friend) in your message. If the personalization for “First Name” is available, it will be exchanged; otherwise, only “Friend” will be substituted.

Automated first name detection:

Another way to send personalized messages to a large group of people is to detect someone’s first name from their email address. For this, use the syntax (auto-first). You can again use this syntax in your message and subject to get the name options.

Other personalization techniques:

There are some other advanced personalization techniques you need to consider. The techniques include; personalize your attachments, personalize images, personalize links, personalize large blocks of text, and many more.


Mail Merge with Gmail is undoubtedly a great way to send emails in huge bulk. Make sure to check your merge before sending personalized emails to a large group of people. This is absolutely a great way to send rich HTML emails and unique file attachments in a few minutes only.


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