WEB.COM Review :  Website Builder Can Help You Build Your Own Custom Website


Web.com Website Builder Review below is to help people understand Web.com website builder and explain why it is the best, based on its pricing, features, templates, app center, reliability, speed and customer support.

Web.com (www.web.com) has been serving individuals and small businesses on online presence for over 30 years. It has easy-to-use solutions for them to create websites, such as do-it-yourself packages and web hosting; it has marketing plans for them to get sites found; it has add-ons for people to better maintain their sites.

Web.com Website Builder Pricing Review

Web.com provides 4 website builder solutions: we build it for you, do-it-yourself, ecommerce website and mobile website. Naturally, the company charges differently on different solutions. But the similarity is extreme low charges on the first month and a little bit high charges after that.

For the price details, please check out below.

Web.com we build it for you solution does not charge on building websites. But Web.com will charge ongoing fees like website maintenance, advertising, hosting, etc.

The do-it-yourself solution has 3 plans:

  • Website builder – $1.95 for the first month
  • Website and online marketing – $2.95 for the first month
  • Website, marketing and store – $3.95 for the first month

Ecommerce website solution starts at promotional $6.95/mo, allowing people to sell 20 to unlimited products with low transaction fees.

Web.com mobile website solution is as low as $1/mo, which is cheap enough that everyone could afford.

Web.com Website Builder Feature Review

With the mission to help individuals and small business succeed online all the time, Web.com offers diverse solutions, so that customers will get one best fulfilling their demands.

We build it for you

If people go with we build it for you solution, Web.com will design and build professional websites for them. So, this solution is a premium option for businesses without time and technical knowledge. Besides, this solution contains optional features, like monthly marketing, monthly updates, mobile site setup, and tracking tools.

Do-it-yourself solution

On the other hand, Web.com do-it-yourself solution gives people more freedom to create their websites. Moreover, Web.com makes it easy by 3 steps. Firstly, people will choose a website design. Then further edit the design according to personalized demands. The last step is to publish the site for online presence.

The second step could concern people, especially people without technical knowledge. But with Web.com do-it-yourself website builder, everything comes easy. This website builder supports people to edit everything by point and click. There is no code requirement. So, even newbie can hand the builder for a professional website.

What’s more, the do-it-yourself solution has features like free domain name registration for the first year and unlimited web storage. SEO and ecommerce features are available as well in advanced plans.

Ecommerce website

For businesses, Web.com specifically provides ecommerce website solution, which contains powerful ecommerce features, such as Payment Card Industry compliant payment applications to ensure secure real-time payment collection. In addition, businesses will easily manage their products, orders and clients right from Web.com control panel.

Mobile website

Already have a website? Web.com will help you to create a mobile version of the site in 10 minutes. Furthermore, you can use mobile-specific features to customize the site and make it fully view-friendly on tablets and smartphones.

Web.com Template Review

Web.com has hundreds of design templates and layouts. They are well organized in Web.com template gallery with over 30 categories. Therefore, people can easily find some templates they like by categories. In addition to that, people could enter keywords and search templates fast as well.

Web.com templates are updated month to month. Even better, its designers optimize the templates for search engines.

Another distinct feature about Web.com templates is switching. People will switch their site templates easily via their website builder. Most importantly, they will not lose any website information when they switch templates. Instead, Web.com builder will migrate website content into the new template.

More than that, Web.com supports its customers to access thousands of royalty free stock images. There are categories for people to find out their desired templates easily as well. With these images, people do not need to take time to design images themselves. These images will make their websites more beautiful and professional too.

Web.com App Review

Features and templates might not fully meet demands of customers for a personalized website. So, Web.com supports customers to install apps on their websites, like Google analytics, Facebook, PCI applications, and so on. These apps are beneficial to creating a more functional and powerful website.

Web.com Uptime and Speed Review

Web.com is good at designing functional and beautiful websites. Besides, it is a web hosting provider at the same time. It does well in hosting reliability and speed for years. So, going with Web.com website builder services, customers do not need to worry reliability and speed of their websites hosted on Web.com platform.

Web.com Support Review

Web.com provides award-winning customer support. No matter when people have questions, before sale or after sale, they can call Web.com for solutions. In general, making a call is the most efficient way to get problems solved. So, for businesses, phone support is the best support way without any doubt. In addition, Web.com supports people to email it with queries if they like.

This company also has a forum, in which people will find out popular posts, step by step tutorials, and other helpful resources. Through these resources, people will not only get some simple problems solved, but also learn how to maintain their website and gain visitors.

Web.com is the Best Website Builder Provider

Based on above review on Web.com website builder, it is not hard to conclude that it is the best in the industry. Both individuals and small businesses could get a solution best for them. The builder is easy to sue. Or people can just let Web.com build websites for them. Additionally, affordable prices, rich templates, reliable and speed performance, and award-winning customer support are also plus points for its status as the industry-leading website builder.

For more information about Web.com and its website builder, please click www.web.com.


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