What are the Main Uses of Hexametaphosphate?


SHMP or Sodium hexametaphosphate is a water-soluble polyphosphate. It is also referred to as E452i, graham’s salt, sodium polymetaphosphate, or just hex. It is a sequestrant that has multiple purposes. It appears to be a transparent granular, glass flake, or white, odorless powder.

SHMP is also an additive used in various foods and beverages, personal care products, and other industrial purposes. It is commonly used to thicken, add texture and emulsify.

Used in Detergents and Water Treatments

Oxidation happens where the iron and manganese dissolve in the water. The SHMP chemical prevents it from turning red and black due to oxidation. It also prevents the forming of scale due to the precipitation of calcium and magnesium ions. At the same time, it can reduce the efficiency of heat transfer.

It can disperse insoluble materials in water. It can also be used as a soft water agent. This chemical reduces the hardness of water and ensures clear and bright colors by preventing the formation of calcareous texture.

Food and Drinks

Sodium hexametaphosphate is quite versatile and is always available for your cuisine creations. It is added to an assortment of food for improving the quality of food, regulating PH value, as an acting agent of chelating metal ions, binding and bulking, etc.

But, buy the food-grade SHMP while paying attention to the dosage. It improves the capacity of holding water, increases caking, and restrains fat oxidation when used in ham, meat products, etc. It also prevents discoloration of foods such as soy sauce and increases density to adjust the taste. It can be used in refreshing drinks by preventing the decomposition of vitamin C by increasing the juice yield and viscosity.

SHMP increases the expansion capacity and volume of ice cream, improving its taste and color at the same time. It also inhibits gelation in beverages and dairy products. It acts as an emulsifier of fats and proteins. Adding it to beer can help clarify the liquor, thereby inhibiting turbidity.

Industrial Purposes

Sodium hexametaphosphate can be used in the paper industry. When mixed with sulfonated benzaldehyde, SHMP chemical can be used as a dispersion agent to disperse lead carbonate pigments for steel paper coatings. It can also be applied in the fiber industry as it increases efficiency in refining.

SHMP chemical stops the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in the bleaching process and improves the bleaching efficiency by reducing the loss of bleach. In the dyeing of cloths, it can maintain the effectiveness of color, preventing dyeing stains while retaining the fiber’s strength.

The use of SHMP chemicals can prevent the formation of tartar and plaque in the teeth and whiten teeth by improving toothpaste quality. It can be used as a sealing effect on the ions. It can be used as a chelating agent to prevent metal decomposition and discoloration. It can restrain and slow down the oxidation of unsaturated fats.

The chemical can hinder the growth of microbes and be antiseptic and antibacterial. It is also helpful in the smelting and mineral processing industries.

Other Uses

SHMP can be used as an agent that prevents wear and tear. It also accelerates the hardening of the cement. In the medicine industry, it is used as a sedative. It checks the rusting of drilling pipes and controls the thickness of mud when the oil is drilled.

You can also use this chemical in cosmetics, pet-related goods, and personal care like syrups, dips, jellies, dressings, bath products, and more. It is also used in tanning, color film, soil analysis, radiochemistry, analytical chemistry, etc.

The SHMP chemical has applications among a wide range of industries. It is vegan and gluten-free. When you buy it, go for the best price assured and quality tested item.


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