What Does a Software Developer Do?


If you are looking for a career in IT and not sure which discipline you should choose, then you may wish to consider the role of a software developer, which can be extremely diverse and challenging, but also rewarding. If this is not something that you have thought of before and want to know more about this type of role, below you will find the skills that are required and also what the job entails which will help you to see if this career is the right match for you.

The Role of a Software Developer

A software developer will help to design and build a programme or software for a client that directly reflects their business needs. The software can vary drastically in what it is used for, as it may be something that is required to be used internally by employees, or it may also need to be customer-facing. One of the most critical requirements of a developer is communication, and they need to listen to the wants and needs of the customer and explain to them what is, and what isn`t possible. From the brief that they receive they will then need to create the software to the required specifications.

Career as Software Developer

An excellent benefit of working in the software industry is that there are many roles that you can work on that can be located throughout the world. When a company wants to hire a software developer, they are not always looking for a full-time employee. It is becoming increasingly common for companies to look to employ freelance software developers, or contract software developers, which will often only run for as long as the project. After the project is complete, unless you are an employee, you will most likely need to find a new project.

Another benefit of choosing a career as a software developer is that you can also work remotely, sometimes even if you are a full-time employee. Having the freedom to work remotely can allow you to travel while you work or work on projects for companies all over the world. As long as the work is completed to specifications and on time, as much as possible, you can end up striking relationships with companies that may provide you with work for years to come.

Quality Education is Required

If this is a field that interests you and you wish to pursue a career as a software developer, then you will need to ensure that you get the correct qualifications. You will need a degree in most cases to be considered for a role such as this, and you may wish to consider studying any of the following subjects:

  • Computer Software Engineering
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Software Programming and Development
  • Electronics
  • Maths
  • Physics

As well as any of these qualifications, you will also need an analytical mind, excellent communication skills, the ability to learn and adapt to situations and requirements, a commercial and business acumen, and an eye for details. One thing for sure is that when you choose a career as a software developer, there is always going to be a demand for your services with the increased reliance on software throughout the world.


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