What is CART Transcription and Who Can Benefit from It?


Communication access real-time translation transcription or better known as CART transcription is a service that instantly translates speech into text. This piece of advanced software is being used largely to help deaf/hearing impaired individuals in several industries throughout the world to great effect.

In this article, we are going to look at how some of the CART features are a huge plus to people and how they benefit from it.

TV Industry

The tv industry greatly benefits from CART transcription in helping with captioning services. For pre-recorded shows, the real-time translation isn’t required as they can benefit from normal transcription software. The part of the industry that benefits from this is live shows that can produce instant captioning in real-time with their shows. Whether it is for broadcasting one of the most popular reality tv shows, the news or a live sporting event it can be used to achieve great results. The availability of CART has been a massive game-changer for broadcasters and the TV industry has greatly benefited from this piece of revolutionary technology.

Translation Services

Translation services are another service that is implementing CART transcription to great effect. Whether it is for being used in other sectors like the TV industry to provide translated subtitles or for a conference or even language classes, it is helping change the way translation services operate. As a result of the implementation by translation services, it is getting easier for people to learn new languages. The non-real-time transcription services are also used well to help translate speech into text. Students that don’t speak English as their first language can use these to record lectures and then translate to text in their preferred language. This can help them study more efficiently by spending more time taking in their course work without navigating the language. Despite this example of non-real-time transcription being a benefit to translation services it is the real-time transcription that is benefitting them the most.


Lecturers often have very big classes and being heard isn’t always the easiest task throughout. Although most universities often have speakers so that their voice can be heard fully round the room, they also have large projector screens. CART transcription can be used to immediately put what a lecturer is saying into text which can be displayed on screen for everyone to see. Beyond the captioning side of things, it can also be beneficial for a lecturer to keep a record of what he has said in his lecture. It can note down any assignments and dates set as well as keep a record of the lecture which could be reused at a later date.

Legal Industry

Although courts are still widely using stenographers as their method of recording for what is being said in court, there is an argument for CART transcription to become the main method of transcribing. Attorneys, however, are making use of transcription services to help them perform their job more efficiently. The automated translation from audio to text specifically CART transcription can be used effectively for them to keep track of what is being said during a court case. Having an instant record of all information being used in court can give them the upper edge on winning any potential case and therefore they are greatly benefitting from it.

CART transcription is being used to greatly benefit many different industries and as the technology continues to make advancements it will help more and more people. Despite it being used in many industries helping lots of people it is being used greatly to benefit deaf/hearing impaired individuals and has a been a real difference to their quality of life.


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