What Is Some Common SEO Metric?


One of the complex processes is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Several factors influence the success of it. There are several SEO metrics available out there to track the influencing factors. It is nearly impossible for most of the people to track down all the changes, but one must have a basic knowledge of what is going on his or her website. Some of the important, indispensable SEO metrics are stated below.

Organic traffic:

The audience that comes to visit your blog or site from the search engines is referred to as organic traffic. The PPC ads that are paid doesn’t get included over here. The SEO Agency Melbourne may help you in tracking your progress. We can say that the ultimate and primary goal of the search engines optimization is to achieve higher organic traffic. Therefore, progress tracking needs to be performed regularly to know whether SEO efforts are efficacious or not. Just go to your Google Analytics account and check the overall organic traffic that visits your website. The analyzation of the organic traffic that comes to the landing pages individually is the best way to check the popularity and performance of your landing pages.

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Bounce rates:

Another important SEO metric is Bounce rate. It displays you the number of single-page sessions that took place. To be more specific, it shows you the number of people who left your website without taking any actions like signing in, visiting the next page, etc. In terms of bad or good results, SEO metric is very relative. Based on the niche, industry and source of the traffic of your site, the numbers can also vary. The bounce rates of the landing pages can be compared, analyzed why some of the bounce rates are performing better than the others. Make use of the same pattern to lower down the bounce rate on the low-performing pages.

Pages per session:

After you are done with analyzing the people who bounced, it is time for you to look after those who visit more pages on your website. Another indispensable SEO metric is Pages per session. It shows you how many pages a visitor visited within one session in 30 minutes. Pages per session is an accurate and effective SEO metric. It is one of the best indicators of the visitors’ overall engagement. If the pages per session are high, in some cases, it indicates that the user wasn’t able to find what he was searching for. Therefore, make use of Google Analytics to understand the behaviour flow of the users. It helps you to understand the paths that the users take while visiting your site.

Organic click-through rates:

Organic CTR or click-through rate is referred to a part of clicks concerning the impressions in the search engine results pages (SERP). It can be calculated by dividing the number of people sees your site in the search results, with the number of people clicked on your site. When it comes to better performance, you need to choose the appropriate URL and edit the meta description and title of your page. To find your site’s CTR, pay a visit to Google Search Console.


The SEO metrics that are mentioned above are the primary ones. for the beginners, it is best to focus on the most relevant metrics. If you search over the internet, you will be able to find plenty of metrics, that may ultimately confuse you. Therefore, it is better if you stick to the basics. But, before stepping forward with the SEO metrics, you need to do thorough research. A robust strategy is required to cope up with your objectives.


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