What The Careful CEO Should And Shouldn't Talk About: A Handy Guide


CEOs walk a fine line when it comes to talking about hot-button issues like transgender rights or gun control or arming transgender people to fight for the right of immigrants to have affordable health care and equal pay without enduring global warming.

The Statista stats service has put together a handy graphic that reflects a poll by the PR firm Weber Shandwick that essentially asks: What are safe topics for CEOs to talk about, and what areas are foot-in-mouth minefields?

The online poll was taken of 1,021 adult Americans in March and April. “We concluded that CEO activism comes with both risks and rewards for CEOs and their companies,” the report said, offering priceless guidance.

The firm noted that lots of CEOs were against President Donald Trump’s travel ban on people from mostly Muslim nations, as well Trump’s decision to ditch U.S. participation in the Paris climate accord.

Again With The Millennials

“We found unmistakable signs generationally that cannot be ignored by business leaders,” the report said. “Millennials, a highly desirable employee and consumer market, are generally more positive about activist CEOs than Gen Xers (ages 37–52) and Boomers (ages 53–71).”

Obviously, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk can say whatever they want since they’re rich enough to rocket your lame millennial carcass to Mars. But let’s just look at what the people polled consider the do’s and don’ts of what topics upon which a chief exec should assume the position.

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