What to Expect When Choosing an SEO Package


Running a business amid massive online competition is no easy feat. As more consumers rely on the internet for product recommendations, brands that appear in the top results get the most traffic. Indeed, search engine rankings have become an indicator of quality.

And to achieve a competitive edge, businesses today invest in SEO packages from professional service providers like ocere.com. Each package can contain different digital marketing services, supporting the SEO goals of the business. But, how do you choose a package that’s best for your needs? What services are considered non-negotiable and should always be included?

Core factors to focus on to get high search engine rankings

The basic principle every business should understand about SEO is that it’s time-consuming and dynamic. You can’t get overnight positive results. Search engines look at hundreds of factors when ranking a site or content. Even so, these guidelines change from time to time – thus adding to the challenge of SEO. But if you ask an expert about which factors are most relevant, the following should be the focus of any SEO strategy or package.

  1. Expert or high-quality content. Content is the foundation of every website. The SEO service should include quality content writing as part of the package. You can establish brand trust and authority in your niche when Google promotes and likes your content.
  2. On-page optimisation. This refers to techniques you use that help with SEO ranking. Examples include meta descriptions, keywords, heading tags, and page titles. Site crawlers look for these factors when ranking a site. A professional SEO service knows the importance of on-page optimisation and makes it an integral aspect of producing content.
  1. Backlinks from authority sites. Getting backlinks from well-established sites is a sure way to build online credibility. SEO services achieve this by conducting blogger outreach. But blogger outreach is easier said than done. Your SEO provider should know how to find quality websites for linking your content.
  1. Provide an excellent user experience. Another factor that search engines like Google give importance to is user experience. Making your website user-friendly, and using techniques to ensure that consumers don’t leave your site is a paramount consideration for SEO.

And when it comes to user experience, specific factors such as page loading speed, mobile optimisation, and organised indexing all play a critical role in SEO.

What are the typical inclusions of an SEO package?

Professional SEO providers can offer diverse packages that fit the needs of their clients. Most basic packages should include the following:

  • Keyword research
  • Custom SEO strategy
  • Website optimisation
  • On-page optimisation
  • Backlinking
  • Reports and analytics
  • Ongoing support

Before choosing a package, the provider will ask for your long-term and short-term goals. Implementing an SEO strategy doesn’t produce instant results, which is why there should be an option to change methods along the way. The SEO package should provide for the possibility of including other services. Also, a good SEO service understands that your needs may change, so you should be able to scale up or scale down your requirements.

How much is the cost of SEO services?

Another essential consideration when choosing an SEO package is the cost. Simply put, a business pays according to the scale and size of its marketing goals. With any professional service, the quality is always proportional to the budget. And while many agencies advertise cheap services, don’t be fooled by these promises. If you want to hire a reliable and reputable agency, you need to set your expectations right.

There’s no set estimate on how much SEO costs. In general, you could pay a few hundred each month upwards to several thousand pounds depending on the extent. Of course, smaller businesses will pay less than companies with a larger operation. While it’s possible to find an SEO package at a fixed price, remember that digital marketing is dynamic. A better option would be to look for a scalable or flexible offer where you can pay more as your company’s needs increases.


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