What to Get Your Work Team for the Holidays This Year


Are you a manager wondering what to get your team this year for the holidays? Undoubtedly, it’s been a challenging year. You may not have seen your teammates in months due to COVID-19 working restrictions, so you want to find something that’s unifying and meaningful.

More than ever, strengthening relationships is an essential aspect of work culture because of how isolating and lonely times have felt recently. You probably only see one another over Zoom a few times a week, so you want to let the squad know how valuable they are and how much they mean to you and the company.

We’ve created a list of meaningful coworker gift ideas that are sure to inspire some excellent festive gifts for your team.

A Three-Month Subscription to a Gourmet Coffee Delivery Service

How much do you miss those mid-morning breaks to catch all the news from colleagues by the coffee machine? While you can’t visit with your pals for in-person coffee chats, you can offer something that might brighten up their mornings. If you do a quick online search for gourmet coffee delivery services in your city, you’ll surely find a company that suits your needs and budget. Many coffee shops offer ground coffee or bean delivery, and you can also find exclusive coffee clubs to join. Surprise your team once a week with a specialty bag of delicious java beans or grounds.

It might not be the same as catching up on the latest office gossip, but we have a feeling the coffee will be a lot better than what’s in the office kitchen!

Custom Printed T-shirts

People want to feel connected to their peers right now. Working from home always sounded so ideal before you had to do it for months on end. But it can be a lonely endeavour, and you might be shocked at how much you miss the hustle and bustle of the office. And of course, you miss seeing the group and being able to meet in-person instead of through a computer screen. Have you ever considered making matching t-shirts from a professional custom screen printing company?

Matching t-shirts are an excellent way to unify people and bring them together. With the right silk screen printing company, you can easily use any image you have in mind by uploading it to the company’s website to get a free estimate. The ideas for custom t-shirts are endless. You could stay on the serious side and have your department and organization’s name printed on the back. Consider a lighter approach and print something more personal, like an inside joke or silly nickname for the team. Whatever you choose, you and your colleagues will cherish the shirts and help you feel closer to one another.

An Amazon Gift Certificate

An Amazon gift certificate isn’t as creative as personalized t-shirts or gourmet coffee, but it’s practical and beneficial right now. Your teammates will appreciate the kind gesture.

Though this festive season will be a little different from previous ones, the holiday spirit remains. Bring your coworkers together during this strange time with a thoughtful gift that everyone can experience as a team.


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