What to Look for in Surveillance System to Protect your Premises


Whether you own a home or a business office surveillance system plays critical role in protecting your premises. As they say prevention is a better cure than action afterwards. That is exactly what the surveillance system provides you – a peace of mind! You can go to sleep with the comfort that your premises are being watched by the cameras in case an intruder tries to trespass in your property. Protection of your valuable properties is worth the effort and money you need to spend on these systems.

Surveillance systems have undergone major revolution in the last few years with the technological advances. Gone are the days of black and white blurry images and videos. Instead, now you can see full color live images in high resolution making it easy to identify the persons and objects without having to squint at the screen. In addition, there are several advanced features as found in these systems from Synology licence that can help you get the best out of these systems. So, what should you look for when you are in the market to install surveillance systems? Here are few tips:

  • Live Video – It goes without saying that a surveillance system should provide you a live view from all the cameras you have installed. The cameras should be connected to Internet through IP or WiFi, which allows you to view the video from any IP connected devices from anywhere in the world.
  • Mobile Access – In addition to computers, the surveillance system should be accessible from the mobile devices. With the iOS or Android apps installed on mobile phone or tablet you should be able to access the video feed from any camera as well as change the view and manipulate the camera as needed.
  • Video Recording – Ability to record the video and access it at any time in the future is one of the best features that should be available in any surveillance system. After all, you are not going to sit in front of the computer to watch live video 24×7. Having the ability to continuously record the video and access it afterwards allows you to go back in time and find out what was happening at any time or day in the past. If there was an incident that occurred in your premises you can look at the video recording to find out exactly what happened and when.
  • Camera Customization – Different houses and offices have varying surveillance needs. You should be able to customize the number and types of cameras and change their position or angle while still be able to manage all of them from a central surveillance station.

Surveillance systems are now available with advanced features allowing you to monitor your property without having to be physically present all day. Make sure you find the right one with these features that fit your needs.


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