What’s the Best Way to Make a Promotional Video for your Business?


Today’s Facebook or YouTube user is inundated with video content, which means that if you are making a promotional video, you must make it as captivating as possible to stand out.  Social monitors report that 64% of customers looking for a product will usually buy after watching a video. Website visitors also spend 88% more time on a website with video than one without.  How do you generate good promotional videos?

Establish what you want

You make a promotional video when you want to introduce and showcase your brand or product, advertising, or showing testimonials. As such, the first step is to establish why you are making the video. This will give you the type of content that should be in the video e.g. a step by step product use instruction.

Come up with a storyboard

A storyboard details the components of a video. It is just like a novel’s plot, showing this will happen at such time, involving X character. A good storyboard helps plan your shots. This is useful even for video clips as short as 15 seconds because it helps the video content tell a story that the viewer can follow, otherwise, it is just a jumble of video frames.

Give the video a tone

What reaction are you looking from the viewer? A good business ad maker understands that a video’s tone is what makes it memorable, and also spurs the viewer to take action. Examples of video tones are humorous, inspirational, opulent, playful, and urgent.

Decide on the platform

Different platforms have different duration limits. Your website can host full-length videos up to 2 hours if you want, but if you want to share a video on your Instagram feed, you will have to keep it under 1 minute. Your choice of platform will also determine the audiences that see your video. Facebook is good for an audience of 30-55yrs, for example, while the under 25yrs audience will be on Snapchat.

Shoot the video

Today’s smartphone can shoot very high-quality video, meaning you can shoot amateur video on a zero budget. But hiring a professional crew is always advisable if the budget allows it. The quality is markedly different as a professional crew can edit the video better. Here, you experiment with different backgrounds, lighting and so on.

Optimize, upload and share

You should optimize your video for better visibility to search engines, before uploading it. The final step is sharing on your social circles, and promoting the video for the widest viewership.

Learning to make good promotional videos for your business can make a big difference in your growth and profitability. As more content consumption shifts to video, it will also give you an edge over the competition.


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