Why the Holidays Are the Perfect Time to Increase Office Security


There’s no better gift to give to your business this holiday than that of a new security ID card system. This affordable yet dependable system keeps employees, confidential data, merchandise, and cash safe during your busiest time of the year.

Professionals from a variety of industries rely on ID cards every day, but here’s why the holidays are the perfect time to improve the security of your company with an ID card system.

1) Break-Ins and Thefts Increase

Crime sees an increase over the holidays, as reports of burglaries, break-ins, and theft peak during December.

Plenty of businesses see an uptick in sales over the holiday season. Add in seasonal bonuses, gifts, and end-of-year stock, and there could be a lot of valuable items on-site, making your business ripe for the picking.

2) Capitalizing on Downtime

If you’re not in sales, then your business will likely close for several days at the end of the year. With people out of the office, it’s the perfect time to arrange for security personnel to install any new technology. You won’t have to worry about these professionals getting in the way of your employees or having to halt work in order to access servers.

How a Security ID Card System Can Help

A sophisticated ID card system helps you control access to confidential spaces and servers in your business. In addition to a photo and name, you can choose PVC cards embedded with a special chip.

At checkpoints, ID card readers will access this data. If the user has the right clearance, they may enter the locked room or device.

A contactless chip in a prox card is more helpful now than ever before. This newest generation of cards doesn’t need to be swiped or inserted to be read; your employees need only to hover it over the reader to gain access. This can cut down on the number of shared surfaces your staff must touch.

Your ID card system can also be integrated with employee time tracking. It provides a paperless way to track when they start or end a shift, as well as enter any protected areas of your business.

This can simplify payroll, ensuring you only pay for the exact time they put in. It also comes in handy in case there is a security issue. You can review the data to see who was where when the trouble arose.

Integrating an ID Card System is Easy

A simple security ID system is a convenient addition to your existing security system.

  • Setting up security cameras is an easy way to monitor security checkpoints where your employees and visitors have to use their ID badges
  • You can program monitored alarms to go off if someone tries to access a space they’re not authorized to enter
  • Your security personnel can check for an ID badge hanging from a coat pocket or belt, sighting these visual cues as they carryout security checks throughout your space.

Sometime during the hustle and bustle of the season, make sure you set enough time to investigate ID card systems. A professional provider will help you find the right card printer system for your needs, whatever your industry.


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