Why VoIP Phone Services are Right for Start-up and Small Businesses?


In the current competitive business world building a start-up or maintaining a small business can be challenging. The key to staying afloat among the competitors is the building infrastructure, one that is scalable and comes with minimum capital investment. That’s where VoIP phone services can be great leverage compared to a traditional setup. A business number which is hosted on the cloud allows users to add a professional touch to their business without having to invest in extensive hardware set up. Moreover, it is a lot quicker and a cost-effective way of setting up communication channels which can be set-up, upgraded or modified as per your need in less than a day.

VoIP Phone Services for Small Businesses:

A VoIP phone system works like a hosted website. It is easier to set up and operate because the service is hosted by a third party. Calls from your VoIP number can be forwarded directly to a line you choose which allows you to use your mobile phone or landline as your office phone. This way you can create a virtual office like environment without having a traditional office place.

Virtual business telephone systems are a combination of remote servers which manage all your business calls. The caller will dial a toll-free number and their call will be routed to a selected mobile phone or a landline. With call forwarding, you get the options to divert incoming calls to different extensions for different employees or departments. One of the biggest benefits of VoIP service is that you can set up a phone number at the elementary level and expand or upgrade the services as your business grows.

Benefits of VoIP for Small Businesses:

Whether you are a startup with 5 members or work from home or a co-working space, you still must have a professional front for potential clients and customers. Having a phone number in your business listing or an address on your site, little things like these can help customers and clients take you seriously and build their trust in your business. A VoIP phone number is quite a simple and sophisticated way to practice professionalism in all business operations.

A small business phone number that is hosted in the cloud rather than being fixed to a desk brings flexibility to your daily functioning. There are a lot of benefits that a VoIP phone offers including:


Among other benefits, VoIP phones are extremely cost-effective to call managing. There is no upfront cost and you can sign up for a plan which fits your business needs and pay as you use. Since there’s no physical communication network setup, you save up on maintenance, costly hardware and repairs as well. Further, it allows you to cut back on expenses greatly by using VoIP for outbound calls. VoIP services for business are not only becoming common but are also highly reliable in their call quality.


One of the major benefits of hosted phone services is the user-friendliness. You can simply set up your VoIP phone number in a few seconds through an online portal and you can upgrade the phone services to add or drop phone number just as promptly. Making changes is instantaneous and implementation happens without any downtime or adverse affect on the quality of service.

No Location Dependence:

As a start-up and small business, your set up is likely to undergo several changes. You might have started from your home, moved to a co-working space and shifted to an independent office eventually. With hosted Voice over IP services, you don’t need to be worried about uprooting your phone system every time you move. With VoIP, you can simply transfer calls to a new location.

What VoIP Business Brings to the Table?

VoIP Business is a leading VoIP phone service provider for businesses. It can be a perfect partner in supporting the communication needs of any startup or small business, thanks to its outstanding business phone service in the UK.


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