Why You Need a Website as a Contractor


You might think that such a hands-on profession as being a contractor would be miles away from a techy job like IT, but actually, no matter what your industry, you could benefit from having a website for several reasons. Once you’ve found a good and effective website design for contractors, you will see how much it allows you to grow your business, and here is how.

Get in front of new potential customers

Word of mouth is fantastic for a contractor, however, there is no reach quite like what the internet can give you. People often search for what they want online rather than a phone book, to hire someone to complete a job, and you want to make sure that they see your services. Sharing your website on your social media accounts will vastly increase the reach, and if you work on your SEO or Search Engine Optimization, your website will start to appear higher up in Google results, which should lead to more customers.

Showcase your skills

A website is a fantastic way to showcase just what you can do. You can add a portfolio of your past work, and a list of the services you offer. This allows potential customers to see what they need to know at a glance, before making the decision to hire you. They may not know exactly what jobs you are able to do, and if you include prices or at least estimations, this can help them make a decision. Your website can do the selling so that you only have to focus on the job at hand.

Promote customer reviews

Customer reviews are incredibly important for people who are deciding which contractor to hire. They want to know that you were on time, completed the work to a good standard, and were professional, and it is important to hear that from people who have used your services in the past. In fact, around 90% of people will look at reviews before buying something or paying for a service. Having your reviews clearly on your website will make it easy for potential customers to make the decision to choose you.

Allow customers to get in touch

A website allows you to give your customers several options on how to get in touch and book you. You can point them to your email address or phone number, or have a contact form set up for ease. The easier you make it for them to book your services, the more likely they are going to do so.

As you can see, a website is the ultimate marketing tool and a way to get your contracting services seen by potential customers who might not otherwise have found you. By not having a website, you are allowing yourself to fall behind people who do and cheating yourself out of a whole load of work, so it’s certainly worth the time and money investment.


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