Why Your Business Should Be Running a Blog


There’s something of a false impression among young business go-getters these days. This impression suggests that only social media outreach matters for companies, and that having a well-functioning website or even blog is a relic of the past. Of course, that’s far from the truth. While social media companies have certainly economized how we expect businesses to function and what that means in a macro sense, there is still a place for businesses promoting their curated content. Your business should be running a blog, for instance, even in 2020.Why?

After all, blogs don’t write themselves. Even if you wish to pay a just-out-of-college copywriter to attend to your regular postings, it’s hard to understand just what value this will bring. Anything that seems like an investment without a strict measurable return, at least initially, can seem wasteful. However, that’s not the case with blogs. They do have a return. They can offer value.

In our three-point list of advice below, we hope you can understand how and why that is:

  1. A Platform You Control

It can be worthwhile to have a platform you completely control. Social media posts can be commented on, shared, and taken out of context. YouTube videos can have the same problems, and likes can be visible to all. A platform you control offers you complete editorial oversight, even if that’s just your blog on your website. It helps you upload the pictures you wish to. It helps you write about the topics you wish to promote. You can easily showcase your advertisements without having to mark them as such. And furthermore, you can use it to fill out your website well.

  1. SEO Is Effective

SEO, that is search engine optimization, is a fantastic means of raising your content in the search rankings. It is much easier to do this on your blog than elsewhere. The best SEO agency can be a fantastic resource you use to guide you in this capacity, helping you move forward and organically come across audiences that may not have found your content in the first place. SEO can help your content shine, it can help you become a golden resource for a subject matter, and moreover, it may help you generate better leads than you were expecting.

  1. Developing Your Candour

A business blog more easily helps you showcase who you are as a firm. For instance, if you wished to, you could invest in a beautiful interactive timeline showing your company’s history and how it has progressed over the years. It can help you curate a wiki of terms, or introduce new people to your product offerings, help you share messages from the owner, and more. Your business narrative is hard to present to others unless you are actively attempting to make that so, and so with some of this advanced potential, we hope you can more easily understand your approach going forward.

With this advice, we hope your business can get the best from running a blog – through and through.


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